Avoid scams and identity theft – Security advise from ATO

Scammers will use every opportunity to target you when times are tough and you’re vulnerable, such as in the current COVID-19 environment.

They can impersonate the ATO and contact businesses to try and collect false tax debts or entice people to click on links to access non-existent tax refunds.

Avoiding scams and identity theft isn’t easy. Protect your business, financial and personal information by taking precautions and being aware of what you share:

  • Secure your business premises and ensure no one has access to your mail or other information.
  • Secure your systems by using strong and secure passwords, ensuring your devices have the latest security updates, using a spam filter on your email accounts and securing your wireless network.
  • Ensure you perform background checks on new employees and restrict their access to systems.
  • Be able to track the actions of employees who deal with sensitive and personal information.
  • Protect your myGovID by using the security features in your device such as fingerprint, face or password.
  • Monitor your accounts for unusual activity or transactions.
  • Don’t download programs or open attachments you’re unsure of.

If your business information has been compromised or stolen, or you’re unsure about email you’ve received, do not click on any link or attachment, contact your IT department to double check.

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